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Captain Marvel - Uitgelichte Afbeelding

This Blu-ray Film Review is made possible thanks to the contribution and the review copy that sebkijk! received from Disney NL. Many thanks to Disney NL for this opportunity. Captain Marvel is now available in The Netherlands for purchase on DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4K Ultra HD.

In the self-titled Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson, Avengers: Endgame) shares her story on how she became one of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Captain Marvel has got the honor of being the first MCU release with a solo female lead since the release of Iron Man eleven years ago. With quite a long absence of such a movie many people, including myself, were curious to see how the film would turn out. Would Disney get it right with their first try or were they simply trying to use a female lead to continue their streak of box office records? After finishing the two-ish hour sit neither notions could be completely written off and the true answer remains one of subjective nature.


Without a doubt, Captain Marvel is another prime example of how Disney is at the top of their game with their MCU releases. Combining a crazy high production quality with a generous amount of space scenes gives rise to an action-packed science fiction-esque heroine adventure. This is also one of the main assets of this film; the action.

Nearly every scene has got some type of thrilling activity taking place. From an intense chasing scene to an extravagant air battle, the movie gives exciting new meaning. Luckily for us, Disney has got just the right budget to make this work. It can be said that Captain Marvel does not bore with repetitive fighting sequences. A lot of these sequences are used to demonstrate the might of our new heroine. Hence, Disney makes it rather obvious that this movie is used to set up Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) as one of the leading Avengers in the future. Now, if only the same attention was given to the actual Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) having a real glow up.

Carol DanVERS

It almost seems like Disney has a strategy in which they do not give any substantially interesting characteristics and traits to their new heroes when first introduced. Previously, this was most noticeable in the first Thor installment, but I have also seen it happen to some extent in Black Panther and other movies. Just to be clear; not all MCU movies suffer from this problem, but there are a few that do. Captain Marvel feels practically like the first Thor in this way, where the soul of these films appears to be not consistently taking form.

Carol Danvers is somewhere between a sassy independent adult and a total badass. We have seen this countless times and it is the same amount of uninteresting as it has been for a long time. Disney does try to dig deeper sometimes and leave the surface of her character behind. However, to create a complete character this should have been done more.

Before anyone starts about the whole point of the movie, I have to say that I do respect the choice. Making a story to deliver a message of growth is an awesome motive. However, that has more to do with the direction of the plot, than the actual individualism of Miss Danvers. The fact that she and her powers are in a way bounded during the majority of the movie is only a tool to help the plot deliver. Any emotions Carol feels because of being chained, which actually relate to her character, are sometimes poorly shown. Consequently, the movie lacks one important factor; a heart.

Furthermore, the interpretation of Brie Larson is disappointingly average. Of course, Brie Larson is a capable actress, but her range in Captain Marvel feels rather limited. Both her facial expressions and her vocal performance remain one-dimensional and cannot create emotional moments. Considering that the movie’s storyline is one in which emotional factors are of importance, this is another unfortunate misstep.

Brie Larson and her recurrent pokerface.

Marvel-ous storyline

The body of the picture is, on the other hand, fully functional. As previously mentioned, the main part of the body consists of well-executed action moments. Sometimes this can lead to an empty plot, but this is fortunately not the case with Captain Marvel. The plot is enjoyable, resembling a combination of Men in Black, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and more, while still feeling fresh.

The pacing is definitely done well. It allows crisp yet smooth transitions between the many sceneries, both on earth and space. At the same time, clear flashbacks are incorporated to positively contribute to the progress of the storyline. No confusion is allowed to settle on the screen as weird timing problems of any sort do not exist. Due to the right pacing and build-up, all the twists do not feel painstakingly redundant but actually contribute to the thrill of the picture.

The Actual Storytelling

Probably the most exciting element this movie embraces, is a meaning. The MCU is not known for having inspirational films, and that makes the fact that Captain Marvel is one all the more exciting. While never bordering a preachy nag, Captain marvel utilizes its complete plot to let self-empowerment gain some spotlight. This might seem like a marketing attempt, considering Captain Marvel to be the first Marvel solo heroine movie. However, the attempt feels genuine.

The movie never tries to overly stress an independent woman element. Consequently, Captain Marvel does not feel like a feeble attempt to cater to the media. Instead, the picture resembles a complete and grounded one where the story does not fully depend on the gender and gives room to a great plot alongside a powerful heroine. We have to give merit to this choice. The most common, and possibly, safest one in a superhero picture could have been otherwise.

An empowered and confident Carol Danvers (Brie Larson).


Captain Marvel knows how to satisfy the audience by combining a strong plot with a powerful message. The main star you would expect in this release, however, is not the heroine herself. Though given an interesting arc and astonishing powers, Carol Danvers seems to be lacking what could have been her strongest asset: an emotional connection. Conveying one will be a great aid would Disney like to improve on their first admirable attempt.

About the Blu-ray

The Blu-Ray allows viewing in 1080p. The quality of the port is outstanding and truly does the incredible visuals justice. Furthermore, the release has multiple exclusive features, like deleted scenes and extra commentary. Therefore, abundant surprised remain yet to be discovered if you have already watched Captain Marvel on the big screen. In short, there is enough reason to buy yourself a copy, even if you have already seen the film before.

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With Captain Marvel, the audience is treated to a clear and fun introduction to the MCU’s newest hero. A more satisfactory one seems near impossible, as the movie has got all a blockbuster release could ask for and more. Amazing fight scenes, an interesting storyline, and even a message that everybody needs to be acquainted with. One element that could improve this seemingly perfect picture would be a more layered personality for the main protagonist, to make a stirring release more feasible.

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